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16111030.jpg Porcelain mug
Porcelain mug in mtu design.
Item no.:16111030
€13.60 / piece
16111028.jpg Wooden folding rule
Wooden folding rule, 3m in mtu Design.
Item no.:16111028
€11.10 / piece
16111022.jpg Grip tool
Multifunction tool with 12 functions; Compact. Solid. Can be used at any time. The modern design...
Item no.:16111022
€13.03 / piece
16130023.jpg Keychain "Ship"
Metal keychain with engraved badge packed in gift box.
Item no.:16130023
€5.90 / piece
16130018.jpg Kupfertasse
Kupfertasse doppelwandig mit Henkel, 400 ml
Item no.:16130018
€23.62 / piece
16130017.jpg Stone paper notebook
Format: 148 x 210 mm, 160 pages, contents blank Hardcover Elastic band Utensil pocket with a slot...
Item no.:16130017
€15.17 / piece
16130016.jpg Backplack Splash
Large, spacious main compartment with welded seams and roll closure offering protection against...
Item no.:16130016
€11.90 / piece
16130003.jpg WHD Soundwaver
Item no.:16130003
€32.40 / piece
16120932.jpg Naval_Automation retrofit solutions, 8-pages, GB
Item no.:16120932
€5.95 / PU
16120895.jpg NautIQ - Marine automation solutions
Item no.:16120895
€17.85 / PU
16120884.jpg Brochure Kinetic PowerPack
Item no.:16120884
€17.85 / PU
16120789.jpg Rail – MTU PowerPacks and Engines for EU Stage V
Item no.:16120789
€29.75 / PU
16120773.jpg Power Generation - ValueCare Agreements
Status PDF: 01/2020 Packaging unti: 10 pieces taric code: 49111090 Country of origin: Federal...
Item no.:16120773
€11.90 / PU
16120771.jpg Commercial Marine – ValueCare Agreements
Item no.:16120771
€11.90 / PU
16120756.jpg Filters, Oils, Coolants
Status PDF: 01/2020 Packaging uniti: 10 pieces
Item no.:16120756
€11.90 / PU
16120732.jpg Marine Commercial: MTU Series 4000
Item no.:16120732
€5.95 / PU
16120731.jpg Marine Commercial: MTU Series 4000 M05-N
Item no.:16120731
€5.95 / PU
16120356.jpg Sales Program Rail
taric code: 49111090 Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120356
€17.85 / PU
16120032.jpg Marine & Offshore Solution Guide
Item no.:16120032
€17.85 / PU
16120028.jpg Marine Commercial: We move you.
Item no.:16120028
€17.85 / PU
2023_08_21_14_36_54_16120027_MTU_NavyDefense_brochure.png Marine Defense: We move you.
Item no.:16120027
€17.85 / PU
16120026.jpg Marine Yacht: We move you. With passion.
Packaging unit: 10 pieces
Item no.:16120026
€17.85 / PU
16120014_MTU_LandDefense_Brochure.png Land Defense - Experiece. Innovation. Partnership
Packaging unit: 10 pieces
Item no.:16120014
€44.63 / PU
16111029.jpg Tube scaf
Tube scaf made of 100% polyester. Size: 490x250 mm.
Item no.:16111029
€7.40 / piece
16111026.jpg Lunchbox
Nachhaltig und funktional und im Trend! In dieser Lunchbox ist Ihre komplette Mahlzeit stilsicher...
Item no.:16111026
€9.98 / piece
16111025.jpg Vacuum flask
The double-walled stainless steel vacuum construction with copper insulation allows your drink to...
Item no.:16111025
€21.05 / piece
16111024.jpg Toilet bag "Care", black
Black toilet bag made of polyester with a chic honeycomb pattern. Equipped with a large main...
Item no.:16111024
€11.84 / piece
16111023.jpg Tote bag Pheebs recycled
Tote bag made of 210 g/m² recycled cotton and recycled polyester. Recycled cotton is made from...
Item no.:16111023
€4.10 / piece
16111021.jpg Flashlight with solar and dynamo operation
Torch powered both by solar panel and dynamo. ABS casing with satin silver spray.
Item no.:16111021
€6.55 / piece
16111020.jpg Luggage belt
Heavy duty luggage strap with secure buckle closure. The strap can be adjusted to any length...
Item no.:16111020
€5.30 / piece
16111019.jpg Train bag JOIN
Item no.:16111019
€7.13 / piece
16111018.jpg ROMINOX - Key Tool Snake
Multitool (made of robust stainless steel) for the key ring. Key Tool as a key ring with 18...
Item no.:16111018
€4.52 / piece
16111017_2.jpg Bamboo wireless charger
Fast, wireless charging of your smartphone is no problem with this Wireless Charger Station. The...
Item no.:16111017
€13.70 / piece
16111015_1.jpg Mini umbrella
Comfortable double-automatic function for quick opening and closing of the umbrella, high-quality...
Item no.:16111015
€13.10 / piece
16111014_1.jpg Prodir ballpoint pen QS01
A fine, rhythmic triangular pattern defines the case surface of the QS01. The pattern is...
Item no.:16111014
€58.90 / PU
16111011.jpg Baseball cap, grey
Grey baseball cap with 3D logo in silver on the left side. Material: 75% nylon / 20% cotton / 5%...
Item no.:16111011
€10.15 / piece
16111010.jpg ID card holder
Oval ID card holder made of transparent plastic, metal edging, fixing bracket and...
Item no.:16111010
€5.04 / piece
16111009.jpg Lanyard
Lanyard for labels, identity cards or keys. Easy removable clip and safety clip on the neck.
Item no.:16111009
€2.90 / piece
16111007.jpg SKROSS travel plug
This innovative 3-pole travel plug can be used in over 100 countries and functions as both a...
Item no.:16111007
€28.30 / piece
16111002.jpg Ballpoint pen VIP GUM
Metal twist ballpoint pen with soft-touch surface, soft twist mechanism and spring-loaded clip....
Item no.:16111002
€12.70 / piece
16111001.png Floor mat
A stylish Welcome for your offices and a classic on Yacht trade shows: the MTU floor mat! Size:...
Item no.:16111001
€52.10 / piece
16110940.jpg Key ring "kolbi"
Miniature piston and conrod key ring with MTU logo on the piston crown. Size: approx. 1.5 x 5.8 cm.
Item no.:16110940
€4.97 / piece
16110110.jpg Engine model 16V 4000 R44 Scale 1:15
Delivery only to european countries! Engine model 16V 4000 R84. Scale 1:15.
Item no.:16110110
€678.30 / piece
16110109.jpg Enginemodel 20V 4000 M93 Scale 1:15
Delivery only to european countries! Enginemodel 20V 4000 M93. Scale 1:15.
Item no.:16110109
€678.30 / piece
16200101.jpg MTU ValueCare Service Record Booklet
Item no.:16200101
€5.95 / PU
16130006.jpg Book "Lake Constance"
Item no.:16130006
€14.28 / piece
16120841.jpg Social Media Promo Flyer
Item no.:16120841
€0.00 / PU
16120772.jpg Rail – ValueCare Agreements
Item no.:16120772
€11.90 / PU
16120752.jpg Factory Reman and Overhaul Solutions
Status PDF: 01/2021 Status hardcopy: 01/2019 Packaging unit: 10 pieces
Item no.:16120752
€11.90 / PU
16120652.jpg Rail - The MTU Hybrid PowerPack - english
Item no.:16120652
€5.95 / PU
16120351.jpg Partner in Powerful Solutions
Packaging unit: 20 pieces
Item no.:16120351
€35.70 / PU
16120253.jpg Complete Lifecycle Solutions – Navy – English
Status PDF: 01/2020 Packaging unit: 10 pieces taric code: 49111090 Country of origin: Federal...
Item no.:16120253
€5.95 / PU
16120231.jpg Complete lifecycle solutions
taric code: 49111090 Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120231
€11.90 / PU
16120206.jpg Sales Program Oil & Gas Industry - Generator Drive
taric code: 49111090 Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120206
€17.85 / PU
16120180.jpg Repower: MTU Series 4000
taric code: 49111090 Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120180
€5.95 / PU
16120175.jpg Mining - Partner in Powerful Solutions
Item no.:16120175
€17.85 / PU
16120013.jpg Sales Program C&I / Mining / Agricultural
Status PDF: 01/2019 Status hardcopy: 01/2019 Packaging unit: 10 pieces taric code: 49111090...
Item no.:16120013
€17.85 / PU
16120009.jpg C&I We move you. With strength and efficiency.
Item no.:16120009
€17.85 / PU
16120839.jpg MicroGrid
Item no.:16120839
€29.75 / PU
16120788.jpg mtu EnergyPack
Item no.:16120788
€17.85 / PU
16120923.jpg Brochure, S4000 Diesel Gensets 60Hz
Item no.:16120923
€0.00 / piece
16120838.jpg Service Poster Set Brand Ambassador
Packaging unit = 6 different poster taric code: 49111090 Country of origin: Federal Republic of...
Item no.:16120838
€21.45 / PU
16120837.jpg Service Broschüre Brand Ambassador
Item no.:16120837
€11.90 / PU
16120828.jpg Lifetime-Based Overhauls
Item no.:16120828
€0.00 / piece
3061772.png Lösungen für den gesamten Produktlebenszyklus
taric code: 49111090 Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120759
€0.00 / piece
3061767.jpg Training Program Singapore, Asia
Item no.:16120751
€0.00 / piece
16120568.jpg Sales Program Gendrive
Status PDF: 01/2020 Status hardcopy: 01/2020 Packaging unit: 10 pieces taric code: 49111090...
Item no.:16120568
€17.85 / PU
3100571.jpg ValueService - Product Training Center Detroit
Item no.:16120347
€0.00 / piece
16120346.jpg Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle - Pour que tout roule à ple
Item no.:16120346
€0.00 / piece
3061709.jpg Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle - Mantenha o que é bom func
Item no.:16120341
€0.00 / piece
3061704.png Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle - Mantener lo bueno funcion
Item no.:16120340
€0.00 / piece
16120339.jpg Detroit Diesel 2-Cycle - Keep a good thing going.
taric code: 49111090 Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120339
€11.90 / PU
16120262.jpg ValueService - MTU Service Unit
taric code: 49111090 Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120262
€5.95 / PU
3160631.jpg ValueService - Product Training Center Detroit, US
Status PDF: 07/18
Item no.:16120256
€0.00 / piece
3061761.jpg ValueService - Training Program Friedrichshafen
taric code: 49111090 Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120230
€11.90 / PU
16110938.png Ribbon for gifts
Set with colours: blue, white, red and grey. taric code: 58063210 country of origin: People`s...
Item no.:16110938
€5.36 / piece
16120870.jpg MTU Report - Volume 01/2020 english
Item no.:16120870
€0.00 / piece
Item no.:16120934
€0.00 / PU
Item no.:16120933
€0.00 / PU
16120926.jpg Brochure, S4000 Diesel Gensets 60Hz
Item no.:16120926
€0.00 / PU
16120922.jpg brochure Energypack QG (range PowerGe
Item no.:16120922
€0.00 / piece
16120795.jpg The Gas-powered Series 4000
Item no.:16120795
€29.75 / PU
3062102.png ValueCare Agreements - Für Power Generation
Item no.:16120776
€11.90 / PU
16120753.jpg mtu Series 4000 Diesel Generator Sets (50 hHz)
Status PDF: 06 /20 22
Item no.:16120753
€5.95 / PU
16120201.jpg Partnership built on reliable engines
taric code: 49111090 Country of origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120201
€17.85 / PU
MTU_Aiken.jpg MTU Aiken Inc.
Item no.:16120689
€0.00 / piece
16120905.jpg AGN Flyer GB
Item no.:16120905
€0.00 / piece
16120869.jpg MTU Report - 01/2020 german
Item no.:16120869
€0.00 / piece
16120815.jpg Oil & Gas Series 4000 Tier 4 final
Item no.:16120815
€5.95 / PU
16120825.jpg MTU FracPack with Series 4000 S83 / S83L
Item no.:16120825
€5.95 / PU
16120814.png MTU EnergyPack
Item no.:16120814
€5.95 / PU
report_0119.jpg MTU Report - 01/2019 english
taric code: 49111090 Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany
Item no.:16120800
€0.00 / piece
16120796.jpg Oil & Gas Electric Drilling Package Series
Item no.:16120796
€5.95 / PU
3062072.png Bahn - ValueCare Agreements
Item no.:16120777
€11.90 / PU
3062062.png Kommerzielle Marine - ValueCare Agreements
Item no.:16120775
€11.90 / PU
16120770.jpg Oil & Gas - ValueCare Agreements
Item no.:16120770
€11.90 / PU
16120769.jpg Mining - ValueCare Agreements
Item no.:16120769
€11.90 / PU
Report_0316_DE.jpg MTU Report 03/2016, german
Item no.:16120748
€0.00 / piece
16120734.jpg Rail - Das MTU Hybrid PowerPack - german
Item no.:16120734
€5.95 / PU
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